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VMware vSphere - More FDM (HA) details



most HA information's are at the moment focused on VM HA Events. But the FDM Log analysis fur all the hist states is also very interesting.


I created some examples for the enhancement.

Submitted by (@markus.kraus)


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Support for Geo Cluster (vMSC)

I'd really like to see full support for a Geo cluster configuration like vSphere Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) as this is a common architecture for many customers.

Submitted by (@ronny.steiner)


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inherit vSphere Tags

The vSphere integration allows to use tags per vCenter. These tags are only attached to the fetched vCenter tasks and events.


LI should attach these tags to everything that is managed by this vCenter.

Submitted by (@birk.bohne)


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Dynamic vCenter Agent Groups

Use vCenter Tags, Folders, Resource Pools or Clusters as an enumeration of VMs. From these VMs should be the Name, IP, OS and finally the Agent state identified.


The result is a vCenter based Dynamic Agent Group for Configurations.

Submitted by (@markus.kraus)


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Users in nested AD groups cannot login

Users who are in a nested AD group cannot login to Log Insight.

They can logon when I directly configure their AD group in Acces control. Is this as designed ?

Submitted by (@b.lievers)


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vR Ops integration: deliver metrics

Extend vR Ops to integration beyond notification and launch in context: deliver metrics (i.e. number of events, number of error / warning events, number of tasks, kernel warnings, VOB events) to vROps and match it to existing vROps objects (vCenter, hosts, VMs).

Submitted by (@tomas.baublys)


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