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Geomap for NSX Fireall Dashboard

It would be really nice to have Geographic pinning similar to a lot of firewall tools & SIEM system where each outgoing IP address are pinned to a global map to have overview of where the traffics are going.

Submitted by (@jtsai.cp)
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Feature Requests

Warning for suboptimal content packs

Some content packs can impact the entire LI clusters performance.

LI should be able to determine based on known best practices if a content pack will potentially be problematic and a warning icon/alert should notify administrators of this situation.

Submitted by (@jharris)
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General Log Insight Q&A

Support german language for content packs

I would appreciate support for the content packs for german language, e.g. for german vCenter systems or german Windows-systems.


Currently my Windows machines (even Active Directory) are [sadly] running with german language and it's not that easy so switch the system language on Domaincontrollers afterwards.

Submitted by (@pkernstock)
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