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Ability to Set SSL=yes when installing windows agent with MSI

Currently unable to set SSL=yes when using the command line parameters. It is possible to set all the other important parameters, protocol, host, port but not SSL. This is especially important if your LI servers need to be set to SSL only.


Yes you could create a MST but this is a rather complicated solution to a simple problem.

Submitted by (@hywelburris)


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Log Insight Agent - send logs to multiple different destinations

Initial use-case: Our team supports the Operating System, while the Application Team supports their application. The Application Team already has their own Log Insight cluster setup to collect their application logs with the LI Agent. Because of this, we are unable to use the LI Agent to collect the Operating System logs. Ideally we would like to be able to send OS logs to our LI, and application logs to their LI. Forwarding ...more »

Submitted by (@joseph)


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Authenticated webhook alerts

Today the webhooks alerting option sends an unauthenticated web POST to a URL. Enabling an authenticated post would open up the possibility to integrate directly with vRealize Orchestration (vRO), which can accept only authenticated posts.

Submitted by (@mdelatorre)


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Feature Request - Using Log Insight as a Forwarder and retaining source IP

We are using a third party SIEM. Due to the layout of the network and security requirements, we can only use log insight if it can forward all syslog and event log data to our SIEM. The problem is that the SIEM relies on the source IP of the system that generated the syslog data to be able to do its analytics. It creates a log source for each new syslog packet with a distinct IP address. We would like to use Log Insight, ...more »

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Add version api / public

All software version info should be obtainable via API, currently private, should be public

Submitted by (@dgress)


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Resize existing Log Insight disks

It would be very handy if we could resize an already added disk (enlarge it). Login insight should then at a reboot resize the volume and start using the extra space! This works with new disks, but resizing existing disks is not supported today.

Submitted by (@hans.de.jongh)


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Support globs for filelog directory option in Windows Agent

The agent should support globs (asterisk and wildcard) for folders. THe use case is IIS where multiple domains exist on the same server. Something like this


directory= E:\sitecoredata\*\Data\logs


So then I could make one that does them all type thing.


Globs are supported for files so this is an inconsistency in the product as well.

Submitted by (@jacob.curran)


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